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Getting Started

Ready to build an app on Commerce Central and get your app in front of ecommerce merchants everywhere? Here's how to get started.

Build Your App

Start with our API documentation, which explains how to use the Commerce Central API to build and distribute your application to small business ecommerce merchants everywhere.

Publish Your App

Once you’re ready, get your application listed in the app stores of Shopify, Magento, and more. Here, you'll find a list of assets you should send our way to get listed on platforms. We'll handle the process of uploading everything to the right place—all you need to do is send us the graphics and text you'd like to use.

Look at the Olark App for an example page on the Commerce Central App Gallery built from these assets.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ.

Learn more about what Commerce Central can do for you—read our case study on how MixRank gained hundreds of new users with 4 hours of development time.