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MixRank is a research tool for contextual and display ads.

Challenge: Integrate with Shopify and Magento in a time-efficient manner.

Solution: Commerce Central integration gains MixRank distribution on Shopify, Magento, and a host of other major ecommerce platforms, including 3dcart, BigCommerce, eBay ProStores, and more.

Result: The Commerce Central integration led to hundreds of merchant signups, on only 4 hours of development time spent by MixRank.

How MixRank gained hundreds of new users from 4 hours of development time

MixRank is a research tool for contextual and display ads that helps advertisers find new traffic sources, build effective ad copy for conversions, and scale up ad campaigns by replicating competitors’ campaigns. Using Commerce Central’s app platform, MixRank was able to quickly and easily acquire hundreds of new customers on multiple major ecommerce platforms—while spending minimal development time and resources.

The Challenge: New Integrations Are a Large Time Investment

Ecommerce merchants like those on Shopify’s platform are exactly the type of target audience MixRank attempts to reach—people in a competitive marketplace who want to know how to beat their competitors’ ads—so the MixRank team had already been thinking about building an app for Shopify for some time. However, they had not been able to find the time to familiarize themselves with and develop on the Shopify platform.

“There is a high barrier to entry to an ecommerce platform in terms of development time. We never had the time to learn how to build the app for it. That was what made Commerce Central very appealing.”

Co-founder and CEO Ilya Lichtenstein turned to Commerce Central for a solution to integrate the MixRank app not only with Shopify but also with multiple other ecommerce platforms as well.

The Solution: One Easy Integration with Commerce Central

“Commerce Central gave us more leverage and wider reach quickly, instead of having to start from scratch with each shopping cart and learn the nuances of each one.”

By integrating with Commerce Central, MixRank gained distribution not only on Shopify but also on a host of other major ecommerce platforms, including Magento, 3dcart, BigCommerce, eBay ProStores, and more. Merchants on any of these platforms can now set up a MixRank account and get started simply by adding the MixRank app to their Lexity account.

“It was a very simple integration, and a quick and straightforward process.”

The MixRank team found Commerce Central’s platform even easier to integrate with than they had anticipated—the basic integration was built within a single day, on a total of only four hours of development time from a single developer.

“We could have spent the same time and resources building a single app just for Shopify,” says Lichtenstein. “Instead, we just built one app for Commerce Central and got distribution for all these other platforms as well.”

The Result: Wide Distribution and Immediate Pickup

The MixRank team found the Commerce Central integration process exceptionally easy and saw immediate results. With the Commerce Central integration, MixRank has achieved:

  • Basic integration with Commerce Central—done in a total of 4 hours spent by 1 developer, in 1 day
  • New distribution on 20+ major ecommerce platforms, including Magento, 3dcart, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay ProStores, and many more
  • Hundreds of new users within 10 days

MixRank started seeing results right away, gaining new users within minutes of going live. In addition, Lichtenstein notes that unlike other initiatives that yielded one-time traffic boosts, Commerce Central has continued to send a dependable flow of new users.

“The traffic is much more stable and consistent, and the number of users from Commerce Central has continued to increase steadily.”

Lichtenstein particularly found the high quality of Commerce Central traffic to be valuable. “It’s so targeted that you know very clearly what kind of traffic you are getting and who these users are,” he says. “These are all active ecommerce merchants, all looking for marketing solutions, all already spending money on a service such as Shopify—and now they’re our users.”

“I always thought that it would be a lot harder to build an app on Commerce Central’s platform, but it was very, very quick. We started seeing new users right away,” Lichtenstein says. Overall, Lichtenstein and the MixRank team were very satisfied with their experience and highly recommend Lexity to other app developers, saying:

“The Commerce Central integration has yielded one of MixRank’s highest returns on investment, in terms of new users gained for the development hours put in.”

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