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How does merchant onboarding work once our app is on Commerce Central?

Check out how merchant onboarding works at How does Commerce Central work? to see a screen-by-screen walkthrough of what a merchant will see during the onboarding process.

How do we get our app listed on Commerce Central?

See Publishing Your App for a list of what assets to submit to us, email those assets to us, and we will set up your app listing on Commerce Central.

Are there any APIs that are mandatory?

The only API you are required to implmement is the Webhook API, which is designed to inform you when certain ecommerce events happen for a store who has installed your app. Registering a webhook for the "app/uninstalled" event ensures you know when stores remove your app, so you always have an up-to-date list of active stores.

Yes—if merchants rate an app poorly, or if an app is not adhering to the terms of service, an app can be removed from Commerce Central's App Gallery as well as the galleries of other store platforms.

Are other APIs going to be available with Commerce Central?

Yes—we are actively working on a few other APIs. We would like to hear from you with suggestions for our API or specific requirements you may have.

Are there limits to how many API calls I can issue in a given period of time?

Yes—you are allowed to make 500 API calls per store per 5 minutes. Please contact us if you need to increase your API limits.

What do Commerce Central Developer APIs cost to use?

For Commerce Central developer pricing information, please click here.